Det finns några låttexter som sitter som en smäck. 

I magen.

Det behöver inte vara en känsla
man relaterar till för tillfället.
Men alltid. Någon gång.
Oftast är det Ola Salo som ligger bakom.

"Maybe you all would consider it a joke 

If I say that I hate myself 

But now and then 

When I look into the mirror 

All I see is a big mistake"

"And that's just how it is 

And how it's always been

It's where my reason stops 

And something else comes in 

I know it doesn't make sense, but still…"

"I know that what we had
Would not be called love by the ones who know"

"She doesn't at all find the men's looks abusive 

She doesn't want your shield – maybe she's the one who's free

Maybe sometimes getting fucked can be amusing…?"

"But now it's time to be unkind, to speak my mind

And if you ask why I'm so blunt,

it's 'cause I care for you, you cunt!

You're no longer wild at heart,

you're just a boring junkie fart

And if you really wanna die, alright

then die then you old tart!"




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